Nos hacemos eco del artículo que el Dr. Daniel Arnal, Chairperson del Patient Safety and Quality comitte de la ESA  y vicepresidente segundo  de SENSAR,  publicado en la newsletter   de la ESA (  el pasado marzo y cuyo texto completo puede ver aquí:  (artículo en inglés).

Think about it. How many times have you witnessed, been involved, or heard about a medication error in your department? How many times did somebody take the wrong syringe? How many times have you heard about an inadequate dosage after inadequate verbal communication, such as ‘give two ml’? What about an untended bolus of vasopressors or opioids, or an epidural administration of an intravenous prescribed medication? Just some examples of a long list. Medication errors are around us, let’s face it.

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