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SENSAR presenta hoy sus avances en la 2018 Summit de la Patient Safety Movement

SENSAR presenta hoy sus avances en la 2018 Summit de la Patient Safety Movement

Tal y como anunciamos previamente, SENSAR ha sido invitado a presentar su “compromiso” por la seguridad del paciente en la 6th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit que se está desarrollando este fin de semana en un escenario increíble, en el corazón de Londres, con el ministro británico de sanidad, Jeremy Hunt, como anfitrión y en la que intervendrá el Expresamente Bill Clinton.

Este es el breve discurso que Daniel Arnal, en representación de SENSAR, tiene previsto compartir ante una audiencia entre la que se encuentra el propio ministro británico de sanidad, el secretario general de la OMS, Dr Tedron Adhanom, el presidente de la Sociedad Europea de Anestesiología, Prof. Stefan de Hert, entre otros líderes en el ecosistema de la sanidad mundial.

“Good afternoon,

It’s a pleasure to be here again, two years after our first announcement at the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s Summit. I want to thank Joe Kiani, Ariana Longley and the rest of the team for the ideas and support along these years and this opportunity to update SENSAR’s commitment.

Two years ago, I explained how we work with an incident reporting system to learn from any threating situation in the perioperative period. We had 86 Spanish hospitals linked in our network and we were expecting to engage a total of 120 by 2020. I believe we are on the road. Today, I am happy to share that we have 103 associated hospitals and believe we’ll reach beyond the intended numbers in two years. Even more, we’ve started to spread the movement beyond Spain´s frontiers by an agreement with the Chilean Anesthesiology Society and have already 6 Chilean hospitals connected to our system. But beyond these numbers, I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished: Just in 2017, our teams have recommended and implemented more than 2,200 local corrective measures from the registered incidents.

SENSAR has also been working on other strategic lines apart from learning from incidents and I would like to share some today:

We publish guidelines, relevant cases, and have produced the Crisis Manual for Anesthesia and Critical patient that has been distributed in 11 Spanish speaking countries with more than 7,000 copies. This manual is to be hung from the anesthesia machine and used during crisis to enhance team performance.

SENSAR has run different education programs in coalition with our partners that have engaged more than 1.000 health care givers. These courses have targeted patient safety culture, incident reporting and analysis, human and team performance during crisis and serious adverse event management.

Finally, SENSAR has also developed an innovation program: we have just released a new Incident reporting application called PITELO. It is ready to be translated into different languages and we hope to eventually spread the learning culture across the world.

Four other projects are ongoing including a program for patient self-empowerment when facing surgery that has won an open call linked to the European Union’s Horizon 2020 innovation program.

We‘ve reached our commitment equator, but looking forward, we’ve realized that our potential reaches far beyond that horizon and we have set course for it.

Thank you.”

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